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We deliver vegetable cooking oils to all geographies of the world with Saranta Oil or your brand.

Our Expertise

Since 1998, we have been operating in the fields of food packaging, international food trade and international transport. In 2022, we decided to use our experience and know-how in these fields by creating our own brand in the field of edible oils and selling this brand in the international market. We are a company located in the Thrace region of Turkey. However, our presence is far beyond this. We are actually a global company with our branches in different countries and agencies on 5 continents of our logistics partner.

Sunflower Oil

Cooking vegetable oils for a delicious table

Canola Oil

A high-quality vegetable alternative for your roasts


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We are Working With

Our authorised company Doğruyer Inc. for wholesale and retail sales; Sezal Company LLC. which offers convenience in transit trade; Alternative Logistics Group, which offers integrated transport solutions by sea, road and rail in international trade.